Here goes nothing…

So today I recorded and uploaded my first vlog.

You’re probably wondering, “why would you ever do that?”

My simple answer is it’s for growth. As you’ll see in the video it’s really uncomfortable for me to even do this so it’s a step into the unknown. Don’t feel obligated to watch it, it’s uncomfortable enough to even post it and share it with everyone. I thought about anonymously posting and not sharing it but it’s a journey.

My counselor and I discussed this. We decided it was a good step for me so that I can better communicate and process thoughts faster and easier with time and practice.

This first vlog is simply a long introduction. There’s not much there but it’s #1 and there’s so many other possibilities out there.

On this vlog I want to eventually talk about faith, family, friends, my passions and just life. I want declutter my thoughts and share with you my journey. It might not make sense now, it might not make sense ever, but it’s a new beginning for me.

So here goes nothing…

You can find it here:

Disclaimer: I’m not trying to do much editing on the video so the video does not reflect my editing skills. 🙂

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