True Love

This idea called Love. We all crave it. We all want it. We all search for it. But many will never know it in it’s true form.

We might sleep around, like I did in past, looking for love in all the wrong places. Ultimately feeling heart broken and alone, wondering why you let it go that far and wondering if you will ever find the right one. But what you thought was love was merely just a temporary feeling.  

Being single isn’t fun. It’s full of a roller coaster ride of feeling lonely. It’s full of possibilities and hopeful relationships that tend to flicker out.

A few months ago, I was battling the issue with loneliness. Everyone goes through it. But this time I got to a point where I sat at church and wondered what in the world I was doing there. I told myself that life would be so much easier if I just left church and got married to the next guy. “At least I wouldn’t feel alone”, “At least I’d have someone who maybe cared for me”, … I could continue what went on my head but I won’t torture you. But you get the picture. I was telling myself Jesus wasn’t enough, that life wasn’t fair, that the love God has for me  isn’t enough.

God’s love is enough, because God is love. God is made known through love. Love is sacrificial, it’s putting the other in front of your own wants, desires, needs, anything. Love is getting up on a cross and suffering a long painful death so we didn’t have to bare it ourselves. That is true love. Jesus is love.

Do you see it? We sit here and we crave love, but the love we crave is not of this world. It is so much bigger. We all made in the image of God, therefore we all have a God sized hole that we try to to fill. Some of us fill it with “religion”, some fill it with drugs and alcohol, some fill it with another man or woman. But the hole, can only be filled by God. The love we see in this world will never fill it, regardless of how hard we try. 

It’s the puzzle piece that we search for. It’s the bonding between the vine and the branch. It’s the reason we breathe in and the reason we breathe out. 

Don’t let the enemy try to tell you can fill it with a temporary solution. The solution will always be Jesus because without him there is no true love. 

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