If you’re not yourself, who else are going to be?

 #takeofthemask #beyou 

God chose you! He knitted you together, he knows everything about you. He knows what you say behind closed doors, he even knows those thoughts you have towards that driver who cut you off or that person who just gets under your skin. He knows your weaknesses and he knows your strengths. When you feel like you’re in a dark place, even there God is still with you.  Even if your fleshly self wants to hide, even if you think God won’t want you if he knew the real you, guess what, he already knows and he already loves.

God knows every flaw. You wouldn’t be you without them. There are so many imperfect people in the Bible that God used to do extraordinary things. Jacob, Moses, David, any of the disciples…you get the point.

God chose these people who had flaws. They weren’t perfect, they weren’t  sinless but God chose them. If he can chose someone who commits an adulterous act with a married woman and then have his husband killed to merely hide it, do you think he could not chose you?

And if he chose YOU then why are you hiding behind a mask? So what if you mess up, so what if mistakes are done, so what if fumble your words or sing off pitch. So what if you fall after the leap? God’s grace covers all of that. You will never know what God has for you if you don’t take the mask off and be the you God created you to be.

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