Prior to being a Christ follower this idea of servant hood seemed more like being a slave. Think about it, you don’t think about yourself, you think about others and put their needs before your own, a slave. It wasn’t until recently I found out the word Jesus uses actually translates closer to slave rather then servant. 
To the outside world of Christianity serving is more like being a slave, you can tell your friends to give up serving on Sunday morning for just one day and spend time with you, but your friend might deny you. It happened to me, I was heartbroken. I thought, “wow, that seems more like slavery if you cannot get out of it”. 

But it wasn’t. I quickly found out serving was so much more. This is what I believe truly serving Jesus is; a means of loving on others, even if they don’t think they need it, or want it. It means we get to share the Gospel in actions and wear it in our sleeve. It is the reminder to Christ followers he is ever so present. It is also us being the Light to those who don’t follow him.  

If you are a Christ follower right now, serve. If you are serving, serve more. You can serve Jesus everyday not just on a Sunday morning. You can serve Jesus literally anywhere because he is everywhere. 

If you are not a Christ follower and you think this whole serving thing is more likely slavery, look at it from a new perspective.  If you have this almighty God who loves and cares for you then why wouldn’t you serve him? And if this Messiah came and was tortured and hung on a cross for the sins those people commit everyday, then how can they not feel called to live out show off His love for them?

Be a servant where you are. There is always something or someone who needs the love of Jesus shown to them.

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