Saying “Yes” to God: Freedom


Recently, I devoted my life to saying “yes” more to God and less time ignoring Him. Saying Yes is hard sometimes, even when you are in the most uncomfortable situation.

Saying Yes means you are following the path God has hand picked for you. It means you are living for God and not yourself and allowing the Holy Spirit that dwells within you shine through you.

My experience as of late has been incredible. Do you know the feeling you have when someone grabs your wrist? The feeling of being forced not to move or when to move you have to do it only by their hand, but when they let go, you realize how important it is to have freedom from the bondage they were creating.  That’s the feeling, freedom.

Freedom from chains. The chains that lets things of this world define you. Each link shows a moment, a moment that scared you, a moment that you hold on to, because you do not know how to let it go or even if you want to let it go.  But saying yes, is freedom from all of that.

Everyone knows the song, “Amazing Grace”, but the Chris Tomlin version, “Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone)” is simply about that. It’s about surrendering it all, surrendering your life to Jesus and when you do so, your chains are let go.  You have freedom.

The more you let go, the more your life will shine. It will get harder, you will go through tough times, but remember God has overcome the world.

Say Yes. Jump. Don’t passively wait. God will make you soar, even if you hit rock bottom a few times.


One thought on “Saying “Yes” to God: Freedom

  1. I’m a Hindu and I believe in god just the way you mentioned. For me God is an eternal source of positivism. No matter how bad the things go, God never leaves you. And the most beautiful part is God listens irrespective of the prayers. Very nice and beautiful post. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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