God Doesn’t Make Junk

Did you know God doesn’t make junk? Did you know God created you?…yes YOU!

God knows every detail about you, even the scars you hide from your past to every hair on your head. He knows it all.

As a new believer it was easy to grasps the logic theoretically but hard the grasp  in reality. Did He really knit us together in our mothers womb? Did God carefully knit together the DNA and genetics that make you and me up? Did he really give you and I all the flaws and weaknesses and all the strengths? We both can sit back and simply say yes He did.

I have discovered recently, it’s been a long time coming, that it honestly doesn’t matter how hard I try to figure out who I am, because simply I am who I am. God will change me, God will mold me, but ultimately I can’t change me, and saying I want to change and trying to become someone I am not, simply make it seem as if I am shouting “God you didn’t do a good job creating me… ” I’m sorry but God doesn’t make mistakes and God doesn’t create junk.

I’ve battled with the concept that I am not good enough or I am not worth it. I surrender. I may be awkward even awkwardly quiet sometimes it doesn’t make me any less valuable, any less of a creation of Gods. People may judge me because I am not like them, I don’t work like them, I don’t live like them, I don’t have the same background, regardless of how they judging me, regardless if they don’t even like me, I’m not meant to please them. I meant to serve and worship and praise our God.

I’m not junk. You are not junk. You are beautiful because God created you. You are unique because you have gifts that only God gave YOU, yes just you. You are an amazing person, even the times you feel the lowest. Because sometimes struggles happen, sometimes we have fall into the pit so we remember who created us and who has control of our lives, but it doesn’t make less amazing because you needed a reminder.

God loves you no matter what you look like on the inside or out. As my pastor might say, “You are perfection in progress”. 

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