Pruning the Branches

Why am I upset over a job that I personally know I don’t want to be at long term? It doesn’t make sense. Sometimes things happen in life that don’t make sense. But in reality when it boils down God has a plan. God has greater things in mind and if I’m not willing to go along with the plan, if I am not willing to let go of control then what example am I to others?

I can’t let a job be the means of my life because Jesus is my foundation. I can’t let things of this world block my view of eternity. Things have to change, people have to grow if God is going to use you for the purpose He has put on your life. I’ve been looking this all wrong. I’ve been looking as this being an attack of who I am, being an attack of the enemy, but I have high suspension that its God reminder of how much I so desperately need Jesus, how much people of this world needs Jesus. I’ve sat in tears at church because I felt like I haven’t heard from God in awhile, but when I paused and looked back he’s been speaking to me this whole time. 
There will be people who dislike me, I don’t care anymore. There will be people who judge me, that’s okay too, my judgment is not defined in this world. Other people’s lives are not mine to control and figure out. I only can control my own. I am tired of trying to make sense of my life right now but I’m not suppose to. I’m not suppose make sense of it all because it’s not in my control, it is not in this world. 

Don’t you see that if we get upset at the trivial things, how will He ever use us to do greater things? He can’t grow you if your not willing to change. He can’t use you if your not willing to move. He can’t use the potential planted inside of you, if you don’t allow him, to prune the branches. 

You may have to have face difficult times. You may have to face a storm. But its up to you to determine what you stand firm on and what will get out of it. Because God will use that season of your life, to grow you in certain areas if you allow him to. But this is all up to you no one else.

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