Palm Sunday. Growing up I never understood Palm Sunday. I honestly do not believe my church growing up even cared about Palm Sunday. Today, I can say I understand it, more then I did yesterday or in the past. Palm Sunday is about throwing things down and just worshiping the guy who saved us. You either grew up worshiping him, or you had to introduced to the man who gave up his life for you. We need worship him not because you want him to give you things. Worship him because  he saved you, and he’ll save the person next to you if you introduce him to them. Don’t pretend that Jesus saved you exclusively, he saved every single sinner out there who is willing to confess him as his savior.

Your life may not look the best, but still worship him. You may feel like a failure, still worship him. You may think you have nothing, still worship him. Every down day can be lifted higher, because at the end of the day, we did not go through when Jesus went through for us. Do nails get hammered through your flesh and bones? Does blood rush out of you while you hang on the cross? Probably not, but you don’t have to go through that, because Jesus already did.

If you are still breathing, he still has a plan for you. If your plan was over you’d be up there in heaven, celebrating your arrival home with your father. It will be your “Palm Sunday” celebration.

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