How do you write like no one is reading?

I delete, I rewrite, I constantly reread. This is not the administrator side of my gift, this is fear, fear that I am not appeasing every person who is reading this. Appeasing everyone is a blessing and a cruse. How do you make something so generalized that it doesn’t offend anyone? No idea. So I try to do it. It never really works out.

How do you appease a non-believer? or Better question how do you appease a believer? I could just write about happy go-lucky things that just makes every one happy and have a good day. That appeasing part of me would love that and everyone will love me and we all go our own ways. However, I do not want to do that.

I do not want tip toe around anyone anymore. I just want to be open and use the greatest tool God gave me, my brain. He didn’t make me good at something, if he didn’t want me to share anything. I may not have the gift to be a speaker, but writing allows me to freely express myself and it allows for people to judge whether or not they are going to even read this. Whereas a speaker, if you are there chances are you have to listen, regardless if it is good or not.

I pray that God uses me to do His work, whether it be here or somewhere else.

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