Play in the Rain

Which type of person are you? Do you watch the rain? Or Do you get down when it rains? Or Do you play in the rain?

I have never had experience that if it was raining and I played in the rain, I wasn’t smiling, laughing, and just didn’t have fun. But yet, we don’t play in the rain. Instead, we complain, we get aggravated that it is raining, we get down.

Why don’t we approach life as if it was raining and we were playing in it. How would your life be if you just became a child again, and allowed yourself to laugh, smile, and have genuine fun.

My journey with God is sometimes a rainy day that I am just watching from afar, but I attempt to open the door and just play in the rain. Playing in the rain is letting Gods love pour over you. It’s just stepping out with faith and following Gods plan for you.

Let his love pour down on you, don’t just go and attempt to watch his love from a window and see others get joy, excitement and happiness, while you sit and let life pass you by. Eternity starts now, not when you die, start living.

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