Distraction in Churches

Here’s one secret, pay attention, take notes. I do not sit on my phone and constantly check messages, I do not talk, nor do I try to let others talk to me (unless it’s church related). I do not let anything come in between me and the sermon. What is it about today’s society that people think it’s okay to do that? That it’s okay to be texting during church, to be talking in church, to not be paying attention to the sermon.

Teachers, do you like it when a student is on their phone or is talking in the middle of class? I am sure you don’t. But you start with rules and earn respect. However, we do not have written rules in church, but we are all adults, shouldn’t we show God the same respect that you expect you students, your kids to do? Or is that too much to ask?

This is God’s time not just your pastors teaching. It’s only an hour and half (if that) of your life for the week. Can we respect God enough to give up that hour and half of social media, texting, and talking?

It is not only a distraction to you, it is a distraction to the rest of congregation.

Not only that, it is sad today some churches have reverted to “Fill-In-Blanks” on bulletins so that people pay attention. Really? We need to be treated like a little child in order to pay attention to what God is trying to teach us?  It is more of a distraction then it is anything, because if you miss it, you ask your neighbor, because you weren’t paying attention in the first place and you hope they were.

People just need check out at the start service and check back in after church. Socialize before and after church not during. Try it out, do not talk, do not pick up your phone (turn off your phone or put it on silent), just sit back pay attention, take notes. God will do His work if you just pay attention and let go of the distractions.


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